Brain Scientific, a medical device company combining brain analysis software with wireless sensor technologies for teleneurology solutions, announced that the Company’s longstanding partner Marketing Brainology, has conducted a study to determine the most effective Super Bowl commercials.


Image: Brain Scientific announces neuroscience study to reveal best Super Bowl commercial. Photo: Courtesy of Tina Phillips/

Marketing Brainology, a neuromarketing firm using neuroscience approaches to understand consumer behavior, invited consumers into their Neurolab to measure the impact of various Super Bowl advertisements.

Using the NeuroCap EEG cap to measure brain activity, along with eye-tracking software, subjects were presented with multiple media impressions. Marketing Brainology was able to analyze responsive biomarkers and determine the most effective and memorable commercials aired during Super Bowl LIII.

“Thanks to Brain Scientific’s NeuroCap and NeuroEEG, we are able to better understand the art and science of the human decision-making process,” stated Michelle Adams, Ph.D, Founder of Marketing Brainology.

“Our Super Bowl study measured brain activity and eye-tracking to capture why and when consumers reacted to specific Super Bowl commercials. Marketing departments can use this data to better connect with consumers before allocating millions of dollars in producing a commercial.”

Source: Company Press Release