Bowes Dermatology offers the only of its kind, ePrime radiofrequency treatment. This treatment regenerates tissue with radiofrequency. It is a minimally invasive procedure, which delivers measured radiofrequency directly into the skin using micro-needles.

The delivery of bi-polar radiofrequency energy creates small controlled wounds in the deeper layers of the skin. Each wound is surrounded by untreated skin which repairs the treated areas by stimulating the production of NEW collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, creating smoother, tighter skin.

The ePrime procedure provides the most skin tightening of all other non surgical modalities, as it is the only device that goes straight to the mid reticular dermis of the skin to deliver its effect. The results have shown the greatest longevity, maintained for years after the procedure.

The treatment typically takes 1 hour, and results are seen as early as 4 weeks later. It may be repeated in some patients, in order to achieve even greater tightening of the neck and face.

This radiofrequency device provides not only skin tightening, but also builds new volume in the aging face. Histologic studies show that it stimulates collagen production, but also elastic fibers and hyaluronic acid. This phenomenon is unique to the ePrime device and accounts for the better skin quality and increased volume that are seen in the areas treated.

In areas of the face where laxity is seen, such as the jawline and jowls, the treatment causes the skin to become firmer, tighter and with increased elasticity. Studies have shown that one ePrime session may give patients approximately 37% of the lifting and tightening that is seen with a surgical lift of the lower face and neck.