Under the deal, BoTEC Medical will distribute Amedica’s silicon nitride spinal interbody fusion devices in their worldwide markets.

Amedica’s spinal interbody fusion devices feature micro-composite silicon nitride biomaterial, a ceramic claimed to contain the world’s first inherent nano-surface biotechnology.

The silicon nitride biomaterial is also hydrophilic that will attract both osteoblasts and physiologic proteins for osseointegration, while its surface biochemistry inhibits bacterial biofilm adhesion.

Amedica chairman and CEO Dr Sonny Bal said: "Since launching our second generation silicon nitride interbody fusion devices in 2014, we have been pursuing a multi-channel approach to provide broader accessibility to our proprietary silicon nitride biomaterial."

BoTEC Medical CEO Waldo Shan said: "We are very pleased to enter into this partnership with Amedica, as they have a unique biomaterial platform that will provide BoTEC Medical interbody solutions with a unique value proposition in a highly competitive market."

Amedica is involved in the development of interbody implants with medical-grade silicon nitride ceramic.

The firm’s products, which are FDA-cleared and CE-marked, are currently available in the US and select markets in Europe and South America.