The Journey guidewire, a 0.014″ guidewire, is designed to address physician needs in treating arteries below the knee and to facilitate the placement of balloon catheters or other therapeutic devices.

The Journey guidewire builds on Boston Scientific’s advanced guidewire technology used in coronary and neurovascular interventions and features a micro-cut nitinol sleeve designed to provide transmission of torque energy for precise turn-by-turn response and control compared to conventional spring-coil guidewires.

The nitinol distal core and hydrophilic coating are designed to enhance wire durability, tactile response and device delivery for improved overall performance, Boston Scientific said.

Boston Scientific’s Endovascular Unit senior vice president and president Joe Fitzgerald said that the Journey guidewire reflects Boston Scientific’s commitment in providing physicians the advanced solutions for peripheral interventions and Journey enhances their below-the-knee portfolio, which includes a number of leading products to treat this challenging anatomy.