Boston Scientific, a global medical technology company, has obtained CE Mark approval for its Ranger Paclitaxel-coated PTA balloon catheter.

The company claims that its Ranger drug-coated balloon provides physicians with an additional option to treat peripheral artery disease, delivering an anti-stenotic drug to diseased vascular tissue while leaving no permanent implant behind.

Boston Scientific’s Ranger Paclitaxel-coated PTA balloon catheter incorporates TransPax coating technology and a loading tool designed to maintain drug-coating integrity and maximize drug-transfer efficiency resulting in consistent and predictable drug delivery.

The Ranger catheter, which is now in full European market launch, combines the deliverability of Sterling balloon platform and Paclitaxel with advanced technologies designed to address the delicate and often unstable nature of the coating associated with contemporary drug-coated balloons.

Park Krankenhaus, Germany, Angiology and Vascular Surgery Center of Vascular Medicine director Dr Dierk Scheinert said that the Ranger drug-coated balloon offers tremendous promise and will provide another important tool to treat both above-the-knee and below-the-knee lesions.

"When using contemporary technologies, a significant amount of drug coating can be lost during the handling, insertion and delivery of the device," Dr Scheinert added.

"I am excited by the technology in the Ranger drug-coated balloon, which has the potential to reduce drug loss significantly while optimizing both deliverability and the absorption of the drug in the targeted tissue."