Boston Scientific has introduced a new version of its implantable defibrillation lead in Europe and Asia to treat heart failure and sudden cardiac arrest.

The RELIANCE 4-FRONT lead features IROX fractal coating to enhance electrical properties and lower pacing thresholds as well as GORE coating to prevent tissue ingrowth into the defibrillation coils.

The new lead’s size has been reduced to improve handling and maneuverability, while maintaining insulation thickness and reliability.

Boston Scientific cardiac rhythm management group chief medical officer Kenneth Stein said, "Leveraging the RELIANCE platform, we made a series of targeted design enhancements with RELIANCE 4-FRONT to improve and simplify implantation."

National Heart Institute cardiology pacemaker service department and clinical electrophysiology director Razali Bin Omar said, "The RELIANCE 4-FRONT lead handles and maneuvers well during implantation, resulting in a smooth and efficient procedure."

The company said the new implantable defibrillation lead is not available for sale in the US.