Medical technology firm Boston Scientific has acquired medical devices maker EMcision for an undisclosed sum.

With operations in the UK and Canada, EMcision is engaged in the development of medical devices based on radiofrequency (RF) technology for the surgical community.

EMcision produces Habib EndoHPB probe, which is an endoscopic bipolar radiofrequency device that coagulates tissue in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.

The device secured approval from the US Food and Drug Administration, and received CE mark in the European Union.

The endoscopic bipolar RF device will help physicians to treat patients with pancreaticobiliary cancers

Patients with pancreaticobiliary cancers will get jaundice due to tissue ingrowth, which blocks ducts that enable bile to drain out of the GI tract.

Habib EndoHPB probe will coagulate this tissue to help drain out the fluids and improve patient's quality of life.

Boston Scientific endoscopy president Art Butcher said: "As we continue to search for ways to treat pancreaticobiliary cancers, we also seek to improve the quality of life for patients living with a cancer diagnosis today.

"We are committed to exploring innovative options to help increase the chance of early diagnosis, improve treatment and advance the ability to remove cancers located in challenging areas of the gastrointestinal tract." 

Boston Scientific’s endoscopy business provides various devices and solutions for the diagnosis, treatment and management of GI and pulmonary diseases.

In November 2016, Boston Scientific acquired EndoChoice Holdings to expand its pathology services, infection prevention and single-use devices.

In January this year, Boston Scientific purchased an undisclosed stake in US medical devices maker Millipede for $90m.

Based in Santa Rosa of California, Millipede has developed IRIS transcatheter annuloplasty ring system to treat severe mitral regurgitation (MR).

As part of an acquisition option agreement, Boston Scientific can purchase the remaining shares of Millipede at any time before the completion of a first in human clinical study that meets certain parameters.

Image: Boston Scientific's Corporate Headquarters in Marlborough, Massachusetts. Photo: courtesy of Boston Scientific Corporation.