Medical equipment manufacturer Boston Scientific has partnered with medical technology firm Brainlab, in a bid to provide patients and physicians a comprehensive portfolio for Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) therapy.

Under the deal, Boston Scientific will sell the Brainlab DBS surgical planning portfolio, along with its Vercise DBS System in select countries.

Boston Scientific neuromodulation president Maulik Nanavaty said: "Planning and visualization are important parts of the DBS process and enable more precise placement for better patient outcomes."

The Vercise DBS System integrates multiple independent current control that stimulates targeted areas in the brain selectively, allowing physicians to provide precise stimulation management.

It had received CE mark approval and is marketed in Europe, Israel, Australia and certain countries in Latin America and Asia Pacific to treat Parkinson’s disease (PD), tremor and dystonia.

The system is an investigational device in the US and is currently not available for use or sale. The INTREPID clinical trial in the US is currently enrolling patients to assess the safety and effectiveness of the Vercise DBS System to treat PD.