Medical device manufacturer Boston Scientific, along with Accenture, has developed a new cloud-based and data-driven digital health solution, Advantics Care Pathway Transformation.

The new solution has been developed to be used in hospitals to treat patients with chronic cardiovascular diseases.

Advantics solution will offer providers with proactive and informed decisions based on insights into the patient population.

Through using Accenture’s analytics insights platform, the solution offers actionable insights into care coordination and patient population health patterns.

The solution will focus on three key measurements, including pathway analytics, care management and patient engagement.

When developing the solution, both firms worked with two Scandinavia’s hospitals, Sweden’s Karolinska University Hospital and Finland’s Tampere Heart Hospital to evaluate the current state of care delivery for heart failure patients and identify opportunities for improvement at each hospital.

Boston Scientific president and CEO Mike Mahoney said: "Boston Scientific and Accenture designed this digital health platform to help providers standardize care, reduce overall length of stay and lower readmission rates.

"The Care Pathway Transformation solution is designed to support healthcare professionals and patients to have more informed relationships, leading to better health outcomes and lower costs for health systems."

The firms initially intend to provide the solution to hospitals in the UK and Scandinavia, and are planning for pilot projects across the Europe and the US.