Germany-based Bosch Packaging Technology has introduced special version of a Cleaning in Place (CIP) system.

The new system can be used for cleaning and wastewater inactivation of various process systems used in the production of human vaccines, according to project manager Volker Kempf.

Kempf added: "It meets the highest safety requirements. In addition, it is easy to transport, quick to set up, and easy to handle."

Pharmatec, a subsidiary of Bosch Packaging Technology, has manufactured the CIP system.

The human vaccines development includes three successive process steps such as preparation, purification, and formulation.

Eggs are inoculated with virus-containing material for selective replication of viruses in the laboratory, during the first phase, and the egg-based preparation is purified in different steps by means of filtration and addition of buffer solutions to separate the viruses.

The CIP system can be used to clean pharmaceutical purification equipment, ranging from the harvesting system to different filtration and separation systems, and also can be used to thermally inactivate the wastewater.

With a volume of 800l and as a satellite system, the CIP system can be used to clean various process systems on a rotating basis, as well as for cleaning of tubing or loops.

The system has been showcased at TechnoPharm 2014 in Germany.