The new Bosch weight scale, which is compatible with the Health Buddy System, allows taking accurate readings when gathering critical information commonly used by healthcare professionals to assess a patient’s condition.

The Bosch Healthcare Health Buddy System’s integrated clinical content gives patients a series of personalized questions and useful tips to help take better care of their health.

Data generated by the Health Buddy System is sent via a telephone line, wireless modem or Ethernet connection to a secure data center and quickly analyzed, giving care providers the opportunity to intervene before a patient’s condition becomes critical.

The Bosch Healthcare ViTel Care T400 Home Health Monitor supports the safety and well-being of patients with congestive heart failure, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD), and others, as well as many combinations of these conditions.

The T400 monitor securely transmits patient data, automatically or manually, multiple times a day and offers patients an easy to use touch screen interface and audio enabled health assessment question and answer choices.

By providing a daily assessment of the patient’s vital signs and symptoms, the ViTelCare system alerts healthcare professionals to changing conditions, so they can intervene before a home visit or hospitalization is required.

Robert Bosch Healthcare president Jasper zu Putlitz said they have evolved the company’s technology platform to address the current and future needs of healthcare providers and the patients they care for.