BioMedical Enterprises (BME) announced the launch of the HammerLock 2 Intramedullary Nitinol Fixation System.

This is the long-awaited next generation of the popular HammerLock implant with innovative Nitinol technology — designed to provide surgeons with an intramedullary implant that does not require freezing. This significant advancement allows surgeons to take advantage of the compressive benefits of Nitinol fixation while simplifying the logistics inside the operating room.

The new HammerLock 2 is an effective solution for hammertoe fixation. It is designed to fit a wider range of anatomies, and with many points of stabilization within the toe, preventing rotation.

Most importantly, the HammerLock 2 system, like the patented BME Speed Fixation System, comes in pre-sterilized, fully disposable implant and instrument kits that enhance efficiencies in the operating room.

This patent-pending implant and system represent BME’s commitment to developing, manufacturing and marketing the best solutions possible for institutions, surgeons and patients.

"Our ability to innovate at this level is made possible by a company-wide team effort that includes a group of distinguished surgeon advisors, dedicated engineers and tireless manufacturing team that design, develop, prototype and test exciting new ideas on a daily basis. This process has allowed BME to become the premier company for shape memory fixation systems. We are all excited about the opportunity that HL2 presents and for the prospects for 2015." said Keith M. Peeples, President and CEO of BME.