Blue Belt Technologies, a medical device company specializing in advanced technology solutions for orthopedic surgery, announces commercial support for Smith & Nephew’s ZUK unicompartmental (uni) knee on Blue Belt’s Navio robotics-assisted system.

The ZUK is a clinically established uni knee replacement introduced globally in 2004.

"Smith & Nephew’s ZUK uni implant is a market leader with a clinically proven record," said Eric Timko, President and CEO of Blue Belt Technologies.

"It makes an excellent addition to Navio’s supported implant platform and provides Smith & Nephew’s ZUK users with a robotics-assisted option that does not require a compromise on implant preference."

"We believe this is an excellent time to leverage our partnership with Blue Belt Technologies," said Lauralan Grison, Vice President, Knee Reconstruction, at Smith & Nephew.

"Healthcare providers, particularly the fast-growing Ambulatory Surgery Center segment, are seeking affordable, advanced surgical solutions for their orthopaedic care, and introducing this robotics-assisted technology for the ZUK knee further sets us apart in the industry."

The Navio system represents the latest in robotics-assisted techniques for partial knee replacement procedures.

Through CT-free navigation and handheld robotics, Navio enables the surgeon to create a surgical plan based on patient anatomy, and brings a high degree of implant placement accuracy.

The Navio systems open implant software supports 8 different knee systems to provide access to robotics-assistance for a wide surgical audience.