Blue Belt Technologies, a developer of next generation of smart surgical instruments, has received CE mark approval for its Navio PFS System.

The Navio PFS System utilizes the patented technology to provide precise robotic control to surgeons via an intelligent, handheld, computer assisted bone cutting tool coupled with powerful surgical planning and navigation software.

The Navio System also provides the surgeon with an enhanced accuracy while performing bone shaping tasks through less invasive incisions.

Blue Belt Scientific Advisory Board Co- chair and Thomas Jefferson University Orthopedics associate professor Jess Lonner said there is a growing role for partial knee replacement surgery as patterns of arthritis become better understood, particularly given the changing demographics and expectations of their patients.

"The capacity for pairing conservative unicondylar bone preparation with a unique level of precision sets the Navio PFS System apart from conventional technologies and should contribute to rapid functional recovery and enhanced durability," Lonner added.