Forming a Point of Care system, the io Cartridge along with the Atlas io Reader can deliver laboratory quality results for molecular assays within thirty minutes.

The io system is a molecular diagnostic system and is based on a proprietary electrochemical sensor technology, which integrates speed, accuracy and low production costs.

The system is designed for the ultra-rapid diagnosis of a range of contagious diseases such as Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)and Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs).

Designed to receive an unprocessed clinical specimen, the fully integrated Cartridge consists of all reagents on board.

The io system is expected to help perform accurately a wide range of infectious disease tests in primary care clinics and GP surgeries.

The companies have installed and commissioned the production line for the Atlas io Cartridge at Bespak’s site in Kings Lynn, UK.

The io Cartridge, which is now entering pilot manufacture to supply Cartridges for validation activities, will be assessed in clinical studies later 2014 for regulatory clearance in Europe early 2015.

The platform with a potential to simultaneously test for up to 24 different diseases on a single Cartridge, will initially be available for the diagnosis of Chlamydia.

Atlas CEO John Clarkson said: "Manufacturing capability is an important step on the road to regulatory clearance and a significant milestone in the commercial development of our io platform."