BioTrove, Inc. has announced the launch of the OpenArray DLP Real-Time qPCR platform, providing the first fully licensed high-density qPCR platform for use with customers’ TaqMan chemistries. The launch is the latest addition to BioTrove’s real-time qPCR product offerings, rounding out the company’s suite of genomics research tools, which include custom OpenArray Real-Time qPCR panels using SYBR chemistry and off-the-shelf OpenArray Pathways assay panels. Reinforcing BioTrove’s commitment to customer gene expression and pathogen detection research needs, this new product combines the data quality of TaqMan chemistry with the higher-throughput, flexible OpenArray platform, delivering both labor and reagent savings. The OpenArray DLP Real-Time qPCR platform provides a straightforward method for profiling miRNAs, detecting pathogens, validating microarray results and performing expression-based biomarker screens – applications evaluated, with significant success, by BioTrove’s broad animal and human health customer base. The combination of TaqMan assays with OpenArray Real-Time qPCR genomic analysis enables better use of staff, reagent supply and resources, and boosts productivity. The OpenArray DLP platform enables researchers to complete projects in days instead of weeks, providing unprecedented gene coverage and sample throughput in a unique parallel-array format,” said Kevin Munnelly, vice president and general manager, BioTrove OpenArray Business Unit. “As the only fully licensed Real-Time qPCR instrumentation available at greater than 1536-wells, the OpenArray platform delivers superior technical capabilities on a much greater scale than other systems while ensuring that customer intellectual property remains protected, both now and in the future.” “Today’s launch, coupled with the existing success of the OpenArray platform for SNP genotyping research, speaks to BioTrove’s unmatched ability and commercial strength to deliver comprehensive genomics solutions in the custom high-density array market,” said Albert A. Luderer, Ph.D., President and CEO, BioTrove. “Now, the research community will have access to the only fully licensed high-density platform for Real-Time qPCR, enabling them to complete projects faster, and more importantly, ask new questions and feel secure with the answers.” The new OpenArray DLP system accelerates genomic discovery and validation, pathogen detection, as well as biomarker identification and screening, at a scale previously unattainable using TaqMan chemistry. BioTrove will be present and available to discuss its OpenArray technology at the qPCR 2009 conference in Germany and at the Quantitative PCR conference in San Diego.