The company said that the patient has received a Lumax 540 HF-T CRT-D, a cardiac device with many features to save and enhance patients’ lives. The Lumax 540 HF-T CRT-D device is equipped with the Home Monitoring system, which enables wireless, automatic daily data transmission of patients’ cardiovascular and device status.

The EchoCRT study is a prospective, randomized, double-blind, international, multicenter clinical trial. It will randomize more than 1250 patients with heart failure, already receiving current standard pharmacological therapy, with a ‘narrow QRS’ width (less than 130 ms) and echocardiographic evidence of left ventricular dyssynchrony.

The device within the EchoCRT study was implanted in 2008 in Ohio, US. All patients are implanted with the Biotronik Lumax HF-T CRT-D device with Biotronik Home Monitoring, said the company.

The Home Monitoring data will be used in a pre-specified analysis to evaluate the frequency and duration of irregular heart rhythms. Patients will be followed for a mean duration of 24 months. The trial is being conducted at approximately 125 investigational centers worldwide, including sites in Australia, Canada, Israel, Europe and the US.