Biotronik, a manufacturer of cardiovascular devices, has received an European market approval for its Selectra left ventricular lead delivery system.

Selectra is a telescopic system which delivers low-profile left ventricular leads to incorporate a slittable hemostatic valve to reduce the complexity involved during a lead implant.

The system’s handle design has an integrated side port which results in convenience and its shaft design, with its balanced stiffness segmentations, provides optimal torque transmission while preventing kinking of the catheter.

The short soft tip design minimizes the risk for dissections during cannulation of the coronary sinus and prolapse during lead maneuvering.

Selectra also incorporates an integrated hub to minimize handling complexity and maximize the working length of the sheath during implant.

Its hydrophilic inner coating reduces friction, thereby increasing the free movement of coronary sinus leads or the subselector catheters during introduction and providing lead dislodgment prevention during the removal of the catheter system.

Biotronik Global Marketing & Sales vice president Marlou Janssen said the Selectra system appears to be promising in terms of balancing flexibility and firmness, which will allow easy access to the coronary sinus.