Biotronik has launched new Lumax 740 series of implantable cardiac defibrillators (ICDs) which are eligible for use with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

The new Lumax 740 series is a technologically advanced tachycardia product which includes three ICDs, one cardiac resynchronization therapy device (CRT)-D and 16 leads.

Lumax 740 series ICDs when combined with an MR conditional feature – ProMRI – extends the device longevity upto 11 years and with Biotronik Home Monitoring provides tachycardiac patient status and device status with daily updates.

San Filippo Neri Hospital Cardiovascular Department director and World Society of Arrhythmias president Massimo Santini said ICD patients are excluded from these scans though they are critical for the diagnosis and therapy of patients with serious medical conditions, such as cancer, stroke and other neurologic and orthopedic conditions.

The company said a new intracardiac impedance (ICI) assessment technology integrated into the Lumax HF-T device is being investigated to evaluate changes in left ventricular volume as a parameter that could potentially be taken for optimizing CRT and predicting worsening heart failure.