Evia HF-T series provides remote patient management with Biotronik’s Home Monitoring, as well as detailed data available via the company’s Heart Failure Monitor.

Ferrarotto Hospital cardiac pacing and electrophysiology director Valeria Calvi said MR images give essential diagnostic information that impacts important therapeutic decisions and provides clear insights into the progression of the disease.

"Now that BIOTRONIK enables heart failure patients with the Evia HF-T device to undergo MR scans, it is reassuring that patients can benefit from these optimal diagnostic procedures when they should need them during their lifetime," Calvi added.

Biotronik managing director Christoph Bohmer said the new Evia HF-T series completes the company’s technologically advanced bradycardia product portfolio.

"Together with its Lumax 740 tachycardia series BIOTRONIK offers the industry’s broadest portfolio of implantable cardiac devices in brady-, tachy- and CRT-therapy approved for use with MRI," Bohmer added.