Chameleon BioSurfaces develops polymer coatings for implantable medical devices.

The technology utilizes novel electrically conductive polymer coatings for improved biocompatibility, conformal coverage, electrical performance and drug release.

Biotex acquired assets include several issues, international patents, performance of active and pending projects.

Biotectix general manager James Arps said the Chameleon technology is highly complementary to the conductive thiophene-based polymer materials they are actively commercializing.

"Importantly, it further solidifies our leading IP position in this field while giving us additional materials options with our co-development partners in the medical device field," Arps said.

All Chameleon materials technology will now be housed at Biotectix’s facility in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Biotectix is a developer of conductive polymer materials, coatings for implantable devices and sensors that improve the safety, longevity and function of implantable biomedical devices.