Biosign Technologies and bioAnalytics reported that the Dental Health Group in Burlington, Ontario, has deployed the HeartFriendly Dentist program, which utilizes the UFITTEN-10 Health Monitor.

Under the HeartFriendly Dentist program, dental professionals use UFIT TEN-10 to conduct a 60- second reading similar to that using a blood pressure cuff.

The test results include blood pressure statistics as well as pulse rate average and variability.

In addition, the UFITTEN-10 provides a real-time tracing of the arterial pressure pulse and dentists can use the comprehensive information to better monitor the overall health of their patients.

BioAnalytics president Steve Colivas said this testing may assist dentists in detecting abnormal vital signs, such as high blood pressure and irregular pulse, and in referring patients to physicians as needed.

"We believe the UFITTEN-10, utilized at the point of care, will eventually become a standard tool for every dental clinic and assist in improving overall patient health," Colivas said.