The new Ironhand has been designed for professional users focusing on preventing strain injuries. Enhanced with unique digital features, the Ironhand is said to merge neuroscience with bionics and robotics.

Bioservo’s Ironhand includes a lightweight glove with a portable power pack worn like a backpack. It can add up to 80 N to the wearer’s grip within milliseconds.

The robotic muscle strengthening system is installed with smart data capabilities for the provision of an adaptive performance to the operator over time.

To support the wearer, the system collects and analyzes data for the evaluation and identification of grip intense use cases that run a high ergonomic risk.

According to the company, the all-new Ironhand includes significant refinements such as increased durability, comfort and user-friendliness due to novel sensors new backpack and improved performance.

Developed by using the firm’s Soft Extra Muscle (SEM) technology, the Ironhand will strengthen the grip of the worker and offers additional endurance, as well as helps in reduction of effort.

The advanced data capabilities of the system facilitate digitalization of ergonomic risk assessments and create sustainable workplace.

The all-new Ironhand is adaptive and intelligent, and also imitates and enhances the hands movements, enabling to optimize the user’s experience.

Bioservo said that the system has developed and tested in collaboration with Fortune 500 companies to ensure that the features and benefits are in line with market demand.

The company focuses on the development of advanced solutions to prevent strain injuries and support workers with grip-intensive tasks on the factory floor.

Bioservo Technologies CEO Petter Bäckgren said: ”Since the launch of Ironhand, about a year ago, we have noticed an increasing interest from a large number of industrial players. The technology has continuously been tested and evaluated by our partners and customers to ensure its suitability in meeting the market requirements.

“We are very pleased to now introduce the all-new Ironhand with its significant improvements aiming to further prevent strain injuries and support the worker.”