BioPhotas has gained the US marketing rights for its light therapy device, designed to treat acne, muscle and joint pain, muscle and joint stiffness, muscle spasm, arthritis and compromised local blood circulation, following the US Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) approval.

Celluma device, which is used in home and in a professional medical setting, uses three distinct wave lengths of light energy, modulated with proprietary electronic algorithms to re-energize cellular functions and create a natural healing response.

The research, which is funded by NASA and DARPA, using biophotonic therapy device or light emitting diodes has proven to up-regulate cellular function and restore body’s natural ability to heal itself in recent clinical trials.

The device also includes a flexible design that molds to the body to allow the light to be absorbed more effectively leading to higher efficacy and more predictable outcomes, claims BioPhotas.

BioPhotas president and chief executive officer Patrick Johnson said with the development of Celluma, the company has accomplished its goal with a product that is proprietary in design and novel in clinical application for pain management and certain skin conditions.

"BioPhotas’ vision is to address the rapidly growing market opportunity in global healthcare and wellness with the proven science of biophotonics and LED technology featured in the Celluma to provide effective, affordable and predictable solutions for medical practitioners and consumers alike," Johnson added.

"The Celluma will give consumers and medical professionals affordable access to a powerful clinical technology that could otherwise cost 5 to 20 times more, particularly when compared to cold lasers used to treat the same conditions."