Biophan Technologies, Inc. announced that the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issued the company US Patent No. 7,494,459, entitled Sensor-Equipped and Algorithm Controlled Direct Mechanical Ventricular Assist Device. The patent covers important operational aspects of the Myotech Circulatory Support System (CSS) technology including critical control aspects of the drive unit. The Myotech CSS is a novel, non blood-contacting circulatory support system consisting of a flexible polymer cup which is inserted via an incision between two ribs and is positioned around the lower half of the heart, avoiding direct contact with circulating blood, which is the primary cause of complications with competitive devices. An external drive unit actuates the CSS cup, providing active systolic and diastolic support. This design can be rapidly installed in less than five minutes. The speed of installation and lack of contact with circulating blood make the CSS a superior design for treating sudden cardiac arrest patients. The Company has pending application for additional patents that will cover future enhancements to the technology. “We are excited by the issuance of this patent, which greatly increases the value of our technology portfolio,” stated John Lanzafame, Biophan’s CEO. “This patent is the first US patent to issue covering the Myotech CSS technology, and is an important milestone for us.”