Bio-Optronics, a provider of healthcare workflow software, has presented its bioPoint Patient ID Wristband System at the American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE) annual meeting in Indianapolis.

Bio-Optronics claimed that the bioPoint ID Wristband System provides a user-friendly interface with ‘WYSIWYG’ design capabilities including a color-coding system that follows the American Hospital Association’s recommendations for the standardization of wristband colors for safety tags. bioPoint can even incorporate a signature, fingerprint or other biometrics into the wristband.

With a fully customizable wristband, or with a choice of pre-populated designs, the color photographs, color-coded alerts, personalized logos and choice of barcodes, hospitals and clinics can identify patients more easily with a system that increases efficiency, reduces the potential for error and most importantly, improves patient safety.

To increase the safety of young patients and newborns especially, the Bio-Optronics bioPoint Wristband System allows for a link to be made between patients and other persons on the premises, including visitors, doctors and even other patients, for whom the product can create badges using the same software, saving on time and resources.

Dan Kerpelman, CEO and president of Bio-Optronics, said: “It has the flexibility to interface to different back-end hospital information systems and different front-end printers and media. We also offer flexible configurations, including client-server, client-server web and web, to meet different price and need points.”

Bio-Optronics develops, deploys, and operates software products and custom information technology solutions to help healthcare professionals manage and optimize workflow, thus enhancing quality, productivity, and patient and staff satisfaction.