The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved L300 neurostimulation system, designed for treating children suffering from foot drop.

The neuromuscular stimulation device, which also helps in treating children suffering from cerebral palsy, stroke or traumatic brain injury, utilizes L300’s neuromodulation technology to help regain the confidence to walk with good speed and less fatigue.

L300, which is worn on the legs, has three important components, a small wireless sensor in the shoe, a sport brace-like leg cuff worn just below the knee and a hand-held remote control.

The device also passes low-level electrical stimulation to the nerves in the lower leg whenever patient initiates a step.

The stimulated lower leg nerves, which control the muscles responsible for lifting the foot, will help bring mobility in the leg at an appropriate time, according to the company.

Bioness president and CEO Thomas Fogarty said the device offers a therapeutic treatment option to children currently reliant on an orthosis or other compensatory aids for foot drop.

"The L300 has helped thousands of adults regain mobility and now this same technology has the potential to provide pediatric patients with improved quality of life and a level of activity more closely associated with that of a child," Fogarty added.