Biomet has unveiled a new stemless Comprehensive Nano shoulder implant at European Society for Surgery of the Shoulder and the Elbow (SECEC 2012).

The Comprehensive Nano shoulder, which is compatible with all configurations of the Comprehensive shoulder systems, enables surgeon to fit the implant to each individual patient by reproducing native humeral head version and inclination.

Biomet president Renaat Vermeulen said the Comprehensive Nano shoulder is built on the company’s Biomet T.E.S.S. stemless shoulder, which has been launched in Europe in 2004.

"The Comprehensive Nano shoulder will provide surgeons and patients with a truly second generation stemless shoulder with an unmatched clinical heritage and intra-operative flexibility to help surgeons deliver the optimal treatment to each patient," Vermeulen added.

Clinique Saint Jean spokesperson J. Teissier said, "Humeral replacement with a stemless implant preserves bone stock, simplifies the surgical technique, and allows an easy implantation."