BioMers, a portfolio company of Nanostart, has rolled out new product line of completely translucent dental braces, SimpliClear Full orthodontic system, used to treat patients even with severe misalignment of teeth which has, until now, only been possible with unsightly metal braces.

The SimpliClear orthodontic solution is based on composite polymer wires made through the use of nanotechnology and the patented technology gives SimpliClear braces mechanical properties similar to traditional metal braces, with the added benefits of high biocompatibility and non-allergenic characteristics.

The polymer composite is formed into translucent archwires, which have the tensile strength needed to move teeth into their correct positions said BioMers.

The SimpliClear Full braces solution is based on the same principles as metal braces, a proven treatment procedure, and can be used the full range of orthodontic treatments, from mild to severe cases.

The benefit lies in the translucency of the proprietary materials used by BioMers, which makes SimpliClear braces practically invisible.

BioMers CEO Mervyn Fathianathan said that they have launched SimpliClear Express, which was suitable for limited cases, such as orthodontic relapses or mild misalignments involving the front anterior teeth.

"Now we are launching SimpliClear Full, the translucent orthodontic system that can treat the full range of teeth misalignments. We are seeing much excitement from the orthodontic community with the SimpliClear Full solution," Fathianathan said.