Biomerics, a provider of medical polymer solutions, has introduced Quadrathane family of biomaterials, a complete line of polycarbonate-based thermoplastic polyurethane (TPUs) materials for the medical device market.

The Quadrathane family of polycarbonate-based TPUs are available in aliphatic and aromatic formulations.

Quadrathane biomaterials are designed for long-term implantable applications where biocompatibility and biostability are critical to a device’s performance.

The Quadrathane ALC (aliphatic polycarbonate) grades are non-yellowing and offer body softening properties.

They are used in catheter applications, where softening and biodurability are required, such as hemodialysis, drainage, vascular access and pacemaker leads.

The Quadrathane ARC (aromatic polycarbonate) grades deliver chemical resistance and toughness to long-term devices.

These polymers are useful in applications where solvent resistance, resiliency and biodurability are required, such as vascular access and orthopedic devices.

All grades are naturally clear, and are designed for use in extrusion, injection molding and solution processes.

Standard grades are customized with radiopacifiers, colors, antimicrobials or other additives for a given application.