BIOLASE Chief Executive Officer David M. Mulder said, “Chiropractors use new technologies as a primary differentiator for their practices and there is a rapidly growing awareness of successful outcomes with laser treatments in the field. We believe they will see our Diolase 10 as a major new source of revenue outside of insurance reimbursement, which has been dropping steadily over the past few years. The risk of entry into this market for us is low since many components are shared with our ezlase(TM) platform and many of our experienced ezlase dentists around the world have already been using the laser successfully for dental patients to relieve chronic and acute pain.”

Mulder said the Diolase 10 demonstrates the significant value and broad potential of the BIOLASE laser intellectual property portfolio and added, “While dentistry remains our core thrust, a key part of our growth strategy is to continue to broaden the use of our laser products to a variety of health care and therapeutic markets outside of dentistry. The Diolase 10 is an important example of that effort. BIOLASE is also well versed in establishing relationships with industry leading practitioners, and the technology platform for Diolase 10 and ezlase is being used by leaders in the dentistry and pain management fields for a wide range of patients.”

The Diolase 10 carries forward many of the cosmetic and technological attributes BIOLASE has incorporated into its other lasers, including ergonomic design, an intuitive graphic user interface adapted for pain management practitioners, procedure specific presets, battery power, Comfort Pulse and a wireless technology. The new 10 Watt unit has been engineered for the needs of the pain management market and is being introduced with a patented, Body Contour handpiece. Benefits of the new handpiece include a uniform laser energy distribution pattern, adaptation to the body’s anatomical structures and individual disposable infection shields.