Biolase Technology, a manufacturer of dental laser, has introduced new line of Waterlase MDX all-tissue lasers.

The new line, including 8-watt Waterlase MDX 300 with an updated user interface, a new laser engine and a new lightweight and more flexible titanium fiber cable, is designed as an improvement on Biolase’s time-tested Waterlase MD platform.

The Waterlase MDX 450 increases the power output to 9-watts and cuts hard-tissue up to 70% faster than the Waterlase MDX 300, but is still approximately 40% slower than the Waterlase iPlus.

Biolase Technology CTO Dmitri Boutoussov said they wanted to build on their well established Waterlase MD platform and integrate their finest laser engine technology to that product.

"This allows us to offer the Waterlase MDX in multiple power configurations to meet the price and performance needs of specialists such as endodontists and pediatric dentists whose clinical indications do not require the features and performance of the Waterlase iPlus,"Boutoussov said.