Agilon Strip was developed using TrelCor technology and was approved by the FDA for use in general orthopaedics and spine procedures


Biogennix rolls out Agilon Strip solution. (Credit: Dr. Manuel González Reyes from Pixabay.)

US-based integrated osteobiologics company Biogennix has rolled out its new bone grafting product, Agilon Strip, to maximise direct contact with bone when implanted.

Developed using Biogennix’s TrelCor technology, Agilon Strip features advanced material properties, combined with a fully interconnected biomimetic porous architecture.

The company said that Agilon Strip is its first collagen strip product and joins its family of TrelCor-based products, alongside its granule, block and mouldable bone graft products.

Biogennix president and co-founder Clay Shors said: “We anticipate the Agilon Strip to be a significant addition to our product offering for spine, extremity, and general orthopaedic procedures.

“We know that many surgeons like to work with strips so we decided to develop what we believe is the best collagen strip on the market.

“This strip is densely packed with granules, which surgeons love, and has all the same healing benefits of our other established product lines.”

The bone grafting product has been approved by the FDA for use in general orthopaedics and spine procedures and can be mixed with both BMA and autograft.

The dense packing of TrelCor granules allows Agilon Strip to absorb fluid, converting it into a flexible strip that can be implanted in its original form or divided into smaller pieces.

Also, the interconnected porous architecture of the strip would enhance its fluid retention capabilities and makes the product highly resistant to compression.

The company claimed that its TrelCor technology features advanced material properties that promote and enhance healing and all granules are covered in a nanocrystalline hydroxycarbanoapatite (HCA) surface.

Biogennix is engaged in developing, manufacturing, and distributing advanced bone graft products for use in bone fusion procedures.