BioGenes has developed and optimised a fully validated Elisa protocol for Midkine detection in blood serum.

BioGenes, a supplier of GMP compliant immunoassay and antibody services, has completed the manufacture of the first batch of MK Elisa kits.

Midkine, which is also known as neurite growth-promoting factor 2 (NEGF2), is an embryonic cytokine and well known cancer biomarker that has been found to correlate with cancer progression and malignancy.

Midkine blood test (MK Elisa) has been recently launched by Sydney-based Cellmid.

The kits are available for purchase to the global research market directly through biotechnology company Cellmid, which is now applying for CE marking of its test.

BioGenes Marketing director Dagmar Schwertner said that Midkine blood test is highly sensitive with a detection limit of 8pg/ml which is well within the range of healthy serum MK levels of 0 to 300pg/ml. The test is also highly selective and shows no cross-reactivity with closely related protein Pleiotrophin.

“The assay recognizes all major species of Midkine including human, mouse, dog and pig making it highly suitable for animal studies and veterinary cancer diagnostic applications,” Schwertner said.