Under the terms of the agreement, Abbott will obtain exclusive distribution rights in the US and all global territories, apart from France, Spain, Portugal and the Benelux countries, once regulatory approvals are obtained.

The agreement includes rights to distribute the SSPGo products, interpretation software Verdict, as well as kit updates and improvements.

Biofortuna said the SSPGo product range is the first freeze-dried HLA-typing kit of its kind.

The kits will be available to laboratories outside the US to purchase and order through Abbott in June 2011.

The kits are currently CE-marked and have been submitted for US Food and Drug Administration approval.

Biofortuna founder and CSO Mike Bunce said the company’s expertise in HLA and freeze-drying combined with Abbott’s sales and marketing infrastructure and customer support, will meet the growing demand for their kits.

As well as developing a number of freeze-dried molecular diagnostic products targeted at the transplantation and pharmacogenetic markets, Biofortuna is developing a portfolio of additional tests with the aim of providing easy-to-use diagnostics that address complex genotyping issues.