BioElectronics, a maker of drug-free medical devices and patches that deliver pulsed electromagnetic energy to relieve pain and inflammation, has expanded its Direct Response Television (DRTV) efforts to the UK and Canada.

As part of its brand-building initiative, BioElectronics’ brand managers are assuming direct control of the DRTV and advertising in Canada and the UK.

In the UK, BioElectronics has hired B2C International as a consultant that will support the entry into the UK market and future access to the rest of Europe.

Arnon Horev, VP of sales and marketing at BioElectronics, said: “Our main goal is to perfect our in-house expertise in DRTV campaigns and advertising, while providing significant contributions to our profits. We will also benefit from greater flexibility in presenting product improvements and optimizing pricing points.”

Mike DeVere, CEO of B2C, said: “We are very excited about the opportunity to support the Allay Menstrual Pain Therapy and ActiPatch launch in the UK. In addition to a successful campaign in the UK, we will be developing the campaigns in other major European markets.”