To begin test marketing for Allay product

BioElectronics has entered into the market of People’s Republic of China. BioElectronics in conjunction with its Chinese partner, Project Asia, plan to begin test marketing a new direct response for the BioElectronics Allay product during mid-February with full marketing efforts commencing shortly thereafter.

Andrew Whelan, CEO of BioElectronics, said: “For the past few months we have been working very hard to finalize our relationship with several Chinese partners, in conjunction with Project Asia, all of whom have a high level of interest in marketing the Allay product within the People’s Republic of China.

“We are looking forward to beginning test marketing in this fast growing market. While we are excited about the Chinese market opportunity, we want to emphasize that China is just one of many opportunities we are currently pursuing. Similar marketing are in various phases of launch in Canada, Latin America, Western Europe, and Japan.”

Marc Weiss, president of Project Asia, said: “We believe the Allay product is perfect for the Chinese marketplace and a direct response television-oriented marketing campaign. Credit card usage within the People’s Republic of China is growing at a fast rate, especially within the large urban areas where we will be placing our emphasis. We look forward to making BioElectronics’s market entry into the Chinese marketplace a success.”