BioElectronics, the maker of disposable drug-free anti-inflammatory devices, has reported that its RecoveryRx brand is fully reimbursable by all insurance providers in the Netherlands.

The primary indication of use for RecoveryRx is for wound treatment both post-operative and chronic.

The Hodes Group, the official distributor for RecoveryRx in Netherlands, expects to introduce RecoveryRx to the nation’s hospitals that the patient cost objection has been overcome by achieving a reimbursable status for the product.

BioElectronics VP of Sales Arnon Horev said they are excited about the quick reimbursement process and the important progress that The Hodes Group is achieving in Netherlands.

"As Netherlands has approximately 100 relevant hospitals for RecoveryRx, we believe this reimbursement will be very beneficial to our sales volume in Netherlands," Horev said.