The European Patent Convention has granted a patent to BioElectronics' (BIEL) electromagnetic therapy device and methods.

The patent no.1606010 covers the design, firmware, affixing methods and the manufacture of the device’s single antenna, lower profile switch and encapsulation of a self-contained disposable electromagnetic therapy device for therapeutic and prophylactic application.

BioElectronics engineering director John Martinez said the new patent protects the company’s technology in both the manufacturing and future product sales in Europe, in addition to its relentless manufacturing cost reductions, constant innovations in design and aggressive disruptive pricing strategy.

BIEL said it has also received an official notice from the US Patent and Trademark Office of acceptance of its patent application for Insole electromagnetic therapy device.

BioElectronics’ products include ActiPatch Therapy, for over-the-counter treatment of back pain and other musculoskeletal ailments, the Allay Menstrual Cycle Pain Therapy and RecoveryRx for surgical procedures and wound care.