BioDerm has partnered with Eloquest Healthcare, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ferndale Pharma Group, to introduce its next generation urinary management devices into the acute care market.

BioDerm is the manufacturer of the ReliaFit male urinary device, a next generation external catheter that reduces the risk of urinary tract infections often associated with indwelling catheters.

ReliaFit’s design is claimed to offer a superior level of dryness and patient comfort.

It utilizes the company’s proprietary hydrocolloid adhesive to provide a safe, skin-friendly seal for 24 hours or more.

BioDerm chief strategy officer Wendy LaTorre noted the company is excited to work with Eloquest to improve the quality of care that patients receive in hospitals today.

"ReliaFit fits perfectly with Eloquest’s other product lines and they have been amazing partners to work with. This product has the opportunity to make a huge impact on patient care and comfort and we’re thrilled to be a part of it," LaTorre added.

BioDerm is also the manufacturer of the Men’s Liberty, a male external catheter designed especially for community dwelling men.