BioCision, a developer of sample and assay management tools, has introduced three new cryopreservation systems, CoolCell FTS30, CoolCell SV2 and CoolCell 5ml.

BioCision said all CoolCell freezing solutions deliver a controlled freezing rate of -1oC/minute in a -80oC freezer, with freezing profiles and cell viability and function after thawing.

CoolCell FTS30 uses a patented alloy-based micro-convection heat removal technology for all cells including cell lines, stem cells, yeast, blood and other primary cells to freeze 30-vial batches.

The insulated design of the CoolCell FTS30 ensures portability of frozen cells, insertion and removal of 30 vials at once, and lids that open easily even when frozen.

CoolCell SV2 is used for freezing larger diameter 2ml vials, such as Crystal Zenith1 vials are used for freezing dendritic cells and other cells used in basic and clinical research applications.

CoolCell 5ml is used for large-volume cryovials.

BioCision CEO Rolf Ehrhardt said they will be releasing additional sample cryopreservation products over the coming months to meet the demands of cell research, cell therapy, and the diagnostic market.

BioCision’s other products include CoolRack, CoolSink and CoolTray thermo-conductive tube and plate modules; CoolBox ice-free portable cooling/freezing containers; CoolCell alcohol-free maintenance-free cell freezing containers.