The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted US Patent to BioChemics for use of various topical formulations for treating wounds, ulcers, and inflammatory conditions.

The Patent No. 8,343,486, which is entitled as ‘Methods and Compositions for Topical Treatment of Medical Conditions Including Wounds and Inflammation’, covers the use of various topical formulations comprising a combination of the retinoid Vitamin A and the blood vessel dilator methyl nicotinate in a stable emulsion.

In addition, the formulations can also include additional retinoids or blood vessel dilators and an antioxidant and/or a mitochondrial function promoter for treating wounds and ulcers associated with diabetic neuropathy, or myopathy, cancer, or from a physical injury to the location, claims the company.

BioChemics president John Masiz said the new technology allows the company to begin the development of new treatments for wounds that have a difficult time healing.

"The type of wound we are dealing with here are generally ulcerative and are very difficult to treat with current treatment options; things like bed sores, diabetic foot ulcerations, traumatic injury etc," Masiz added.