Lung Armor consists of Lung Cleanser that helps in clearance of trapped harmful substances like viruses, bacteria, dirt particles and chemicals in lungs


BioAdaptives to study its Lung Armor product. (Credit: Kruscha from Pixabay.)

BioAdaptives has started a preliminary study on clinical utilisation of its Lung Armor package in long-time smokers and those who exposed to second-hand smoke.

Lung Armor is a combination of the Lung Cleanser (called Lung Flute), and PrimiLungs all-natural supplement, that benefits the breathing.

In addition to respiratory function, the study will also evaluate beneficial effects related to drinking oxygenated water, made using its recently acquired patented technology.

According to BioAdaptives, Lung Cleanser is a patented, FDA approved, oscillating positive end pressure (OSCPEP) Class II medical device.

It works to clear the harmful substances such as viruses, bacteria, dirt particles and chemicals, trapped in the lungs.

PrimiLungs is a supplement of vitamins and all-natural ingredients, with anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities, to strengthen immune defence in lungs.

BioAdaptives CEO Edward Jacobs said: “The mechanical effects of the Lung Cleanser have resulted in remarkable improvements in breathing and oxygenation in reported cases while helping users clear their lungs and providing meaningful exercise to the respiratory muscles.

“We hope that the combination with PrimiLungs will show beneficial synergistic effects, not only for smokers but for the many people affected by second-hand smoke.

“Also, we anticipate that some smokers will experience more comfortable breathing and endurance associated with drinking MOR O2 water.”

BioAdaptives intends to find an optimal way for the usage of both components of Lung Armor, based on a review of OSCPEP devices and various nutraceuticals.

The initial studies will focus on user experience, and the company will use the results to identify possible performance improvements to the Lung Cleanser and the PrimiLungs.

The early research is planned to be carried out in the US and probably in Eastern Europe, where populations of smokers are more readily available.

BioAdaptives said that the research has been supported by anecdotal reports and testimonials from Lung Cleanser users who are chronic smokers.

Furthermore, the company is also planning to evaluate the effects of its Lung Cleanser on persons routinely exposed to second-hand smoke.