Bio-AMD's majority owned medical devices subsidiary, Bio AMD Limited has submitted a patent application for an Immunoassay Result Reading Apparatus (IRRA) at UK Intellectual Property Office.

The IRRA technology can be applied to any present analogue lateral flow test strip, which generally shows a coloured line when the test is positive.

According to company, IRRA technology enhances certainty in lateral flow test strip testing by increasing readability.

The lateral flow test strip, generally faces difficulty in diagonosing the result, when the substance of interest is present in relatively low concentrations, according to the company.

Lateral flow tests with optical read results are used in many diagnostics, which include growing areas such as infectious diseases and drugs of abuse testing.

Bio AMD Limited managing director Nasser Djennati said the patent application for IRRA adds to the growing patent portfolio.

”We plan to make further patent applications to consolidate our technology platforms as we enter new development programs, specifically around our quantitative measurement technology, the Magnetic Particle Reader," Djennati added.

Bio-AMD has two major owned UK subsidiaries, Bio AMD Limited, a technology developer for medical diagnostic devices and the WDX Organisation, the owner of the WOCU, a global currency data reference source for application in financial markets.

The IRRA has been developed along with Digital Strip Reader technology platform.