Binder Biomedical (BBI) has launched X-graft Interspinous Device, fashioned from solid human cortical bone, as part of its Quantum line of Spinal Allograft devices. The X-graft device is procured and manufactured at the University of Miami Tissue Bank (UMTB).

The X-graft device is designed to acutely treat degenerative conditions of the spine. With the benefits of a minimal-exposure surgical procedure, the X-graft is implanted into the interspinous space, to provide stabilization of the spine with minimal disturbance to the surrounding tissue.

Binder Biomedical claimed that this is the first to market in a series of minimally invasive devices currently in development at Binder Biomedical and a key component of the MLIFF (Minimal – Lumbar, Interspinous, Facet Fusion) procedure.

Binder Biomedical plans to expand national distributions which are already underway, along with a full launch of the X-graft device across the US by the third quarter 2010.

Lawrence Binder, president of Binder Biomedical, said: “The robust patent-pending design of the X-graft device makes it an excellent option for stabilization of the lumbar spine following a decompression. The benefits of this system are evident from the favorable feedback we’ve received from our users. By offering a full range of sizes, as well as a comprehensive set of precision instruments, the X-graft device has the unique ability to accommodate varying patient anatomy, while using minimal exposure, and fewer steps than traditional techniques.”

Located in Boca Raton, Florida, Binder Biomedical is a privately held medical device company. BBI provides surgeons with medical devices for the treatment of complex orthopedic and neurological spinal disorders.