Bina Technologies has announced a distribution agreement with Appistry, which enables Bina to include runtime licenses for the genome analysis toolkit (GATK) and cancer genome analysis (CGA) suite NGS analysis tools as integral parts of the Bina Analytics genomics platform.

Effective immediately, all of Bina’s on-premises genomic analysis solutions, including both Bina Enterprise and Bina Desktop products, will integrate the GATK and CGA Suite, including MuTect for cancer genome analysis, into the Bina Analytics pipeline.

These widely accepted and highly-published software tools were originally developed by the Genome Sequencing and Analysis Group at the Broad Institute. Since its initial development, the GATK has proven itself the industry standard for analysis of human exome and whole genome datasets.

The CGA Suite, only available from Appistry, includes several Broad-built tools for somatic mutation analysis, including MuTect, ContEst (for estimating contamination in datasets), and Somatic Indel Detector.

Using these tools, researchers have identified new diseases markers, diagnosed children with rare genetic diseases, and made discoveries having to do with the identification and treatment of certain types of cancers, among many more.

When integrated into the Bina Analytics pipeline, the speed and throughput of the tools are greatly accelerated by Bina’s proprietary, parallel computational technologies.

Bina Technologies CEO Dr Narges Bani-Asadi noted that the company has significant experience with these world-class genomic tools and it will move forward quickly to place them in the hands of its end-users.

"By integrating the GATK and the CGA Suite into the Bina Analytics pipeline, we can offer a fully-supported solution for NGS data analysis that meets the performance needs and privacy requirements of our customers, and supports our ultimate mission — to accelerate personalized medicine," Dr Bani-Asadi added.