The design of the system is flexible enough to comply with future legislation such as pharmaceutical e-pedigree requirements, which are expected to be enforced in the coming years in US. Therefore, Bilcare Technologies said that, brands can invest in this new technology in order to reap benefits at the earliest, while knowing they will be in a position to meet future legislative requirements with only modest upgrades and fine tuning.

Satya Sharma, chief mentor of Bilcare Technologies and executive director of the Center of Excellence in Wireless and Information Technology (CEWIT), said: “Bilcare’s nonClonable fingerprint technology can be easily incorporated into packaged medical products at both the primary and secondary level so as to make the medicines extremely secure.”

“The technology exploits the intrinsic nature of micro and nano-structured composites to give items complex and unique ‘fingerprints’ on an item level. By making use of proprietary readers and a brand authentication system (BATS), not only is patent safety enhanced, but real-time data delivery can save stakeholders time and money.”