POPS! Diabetes Care claims that the system has been designed to provide people with diabetes to control their condition without their condition controlling them.

As per the company, the POPS! one System offers a new approach to diabetes management. The digital health system integrates user’s phone with a coaching app and a small, portable and integrated glucose monitor.

The differentiation as claimed by the company, is that the POPS! one is through the combination of simple glucose testing experience with in-app coaching for the user. People who use the system are also able to review their results and trends at the touch of a button and share these results with healthcare professionals or family.

POPS! Diabetes Care CEO Lonny Stormo said: “We are thrilled to have successfully worked with the FDA to clear this novel solution for people with diabetes. POPS! is delivering a simple experience to help people take action to achieve their goals.”

POPS! Diabetes Care is preparing for commercialization in early 2019.

It is estimated that more than 400 million people suffer from diabetes and it is now the third leading cause of death. About 75% of diabetes healthcare costs are because of the complications that arise from poorly controlled diabetes.

POPS! Diabetes Care claims that the present current diabetes management tools are too clumsy and cannot be carried easily or used. Apps can also create more burden for users than offering any benefits. And, at the same time, many of the diabetes patients feel frustrated that they are not meeting their glucose goals.

POPS! Diabetes Care digital health platform can help people with diabetes to manage their condition from their mobile system, on their terms.

The system offers a seamless connection to phone, it can easily share data with physicians, provide family notifications options, can have a personalized daily app coaching options and at the same time, can be fast, accurate and is also discrete to use.