Benvenue Medical, a developer of minimally invasive solutions for spine repair, has treated the first patient in the US with Blazer Vertebral Augmentation System, a new device for the treatment of vertebral compression fractures (VCFs).

Benvenue Medical said that the patient, who had developed acute, severe low back pain and had difficulty in walking, was treated with the Blazer System and was diagnosed with two osteoporotic compression fractures but had failed conservative therapy.

Benvenue Medical CEO Robert Weigle said that the first US clinical use of the Blazer Vertebral Augmentation System demonstrates their commitment to be the innovative provider in the treatment of vertebral compression fractures. To that point, they have developed two novel treatments for VCFs.

“We are thankful for Dr Facchini’s support and are pleased to have had the opportunity to work with the team at Adventist GlenOaks Hospital. Blazer is the first product in the Benvenue Medical portfolio to be used in the US,” Weigle said.

“Separately, Blazer will soon be followed by product, the Kiva VCF Treatment System, the next generation implant for the treatment of vertebral compression fractures. Kiva will be introduced through the launch of our KAST trial this month, which is a Level-I randomized study comparing the Kiva Implant vs. balloon kyphoplasty.

“The Blazer and Kiva systems will give physicians two separate and novel options to improve patient care and the ability to treat a majority of patients with VCFs.”