The next generation diagnostic instrument can be integrated with several other analyzers, including Bactec and Bruker Maldi boityper systems through BD EpiCenter middleware connectivity.

With paperless workflow and flexible communication capabilities, the new system enables data traceability and security.

The new BD Phoenix M50 system provides multiple languages, helping to use in laboratories across the world.

The company said the system benefits from the demonstrated performance of the firm’s legacy Phoenix 100 system for detecting current and emerging resistances, as well as the extended testing capabilities provided by Phoenix Emerge AST panel with 136 wells.

BD diagnostics systems president Dave Hickey said: "The small footprint of the BD Phoenix M50 system combined with its demonstrated speed, accuracy and efficiency makes the system an attractive solution for microbiology laboratories around the world.

"This launch reinforces the engagement of BD to become more relevant in ID/AST and intensifies its support to the fight against antimicrobial resistance."

In addition, the firm secured 10(k) clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its blood collection and separation technology designed to enhance laboratory efficiency.

By replacing gel tubes, the BD Barricor single-use, plastic and evacuated tube will effectively obtain plasma from whole blood samples.